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The Motify team at Amplifund 2019

What is Amplifund?

Amplifund is an event for Sheridan’s EDGE entrepreneurs with the opportunity to network, meet and connect with amazing individuals. 

The event allocates a total of $15,000 between the participating start-up companies to fund the future of technology. 

Motify's Experience

We had an amazing time the Amplifund with new and some familiar faces that we got to connect with. The passion-driven environment was inspiring to become a part of as start-ups came together to present their innovative ideas. 

We saw amazing ventures ranging from various industries and were able to match our visions to other companies for some awesome ideas and advice. 


Networking and connecting with all attendees is always a motivating reminder of why Motify does what we do. 

We love explaining our vision to others and seeing the support that others provide us with.

Also …

Motify had the opportunity to take home a $1,500 prize! So, thank you to the Motify team and those who believe in our vision. 

We can’t wait to put this funding towards growing our application through development to be what students not only need, but want to use throughout their academic journey and transition into employment.

Below are some individuals from the Motify team. Jessica (left), Chris-Beth (mid-left), Shauna-Kay (Founder, mid-right) and Emily (right). 

Also a huge shoutout to our other team members, Ben and Dev, who played a huge part in our Amplifund win and everyday work. 

Fellow winners

Also, congratulations to our fellow winners of the EDGE notes, FoundersBeta and IRIS R&D Group, as well as each and every other start-up that had the opportunity to experience Amplifund with us.

 IRIS R&D Group –

Photo Creds: Shoutout to Sheridan EDGE for capturing these amazing photos and happy moments.

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