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Student Wellness: asking for help

Let’s admit it, the school year often takes over our lives. The studying, assignments, tests, exams and more are overly time consuming, sometimes resulting in neglect of mental health and wellness.

When to reach out?

Reaching out does not always imply that you’re having mental issues or are suffering from a mental illness. Those diagnosis should be made by a professional individual. 

However, your feelings are valid. This means that if you feel the need to reach out either to anyone, even without a diagnosed mental illness, it is the correct thing to do. 

Instead of asking others when to reach out or if you should, ask yourself if you feel the need to talk to someone. If the answer is yes or maybe, then consider reaching out to someone.  Learn how to accept your own feelings and thoughts without external validation. 

Who can you reach out to?

The first person, and the most personal individuals to reach out to are your family and friends. These people understand who you are and can provide personal advice and tips, or even just a listening ear. 

Second, you can reach out to your next most convenient source. Your school’s counsellor services or mental health support. I know that these resources can be not only hard  to find, but hard to access due to the volume of students. If your school’s resources are difficult to access, keep an open mind for other professionals.

Thirdly, family doctors are also a source for support. According to heretohelp Canada, family doctors can provide some counselling, medication as well as referrals to specialized professionals such as Psychiatrists. These doctors are also a great first-step to receive help. 

Another option?

If you need help connecting to sources that best-fit you, Motify can help. 

What we offer:

  • Chatbot for basic support, highlighting emotions & feelings for awareness
  • Connectivity to resources and advice when prompted by you 
  • Accessibility to resources on-campus and/or external to your school if needed

Motify monitors student performance and feelings, connects seeking students to academic and mental help resources, and can support your journey to promote your well being and academic success simultaneously. 

Take a look at heretohelp’s article to find out more about when to reach out:

If the article’s suggestions resonate with you, please consider reading it in full to understand how to reach out and why.

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