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Student wellbeing: nurturing your mind through exercise

Mental well-being, academic success and personal growth are all deeply complex and difficult to understand from person to person.

However, we all know that exercise is a good foundation for each of these things, so how does physical activity benefit our minds?

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

These two topics are very personal and no one method will work for all. But in general speaking, exercise can HELP with reducing overwhelming symptoms of both anxiety and depression.

HelpGuide discusses the scientific reasoning for the benefits of exercise as the release of endorphins in the brain to calm tension in muscles and thus throughout the mind. The article also provides in-depth information of exercise benefits. 

Check out the article to find out more:

A recent study done by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that running for 15 minutes a day or walking for an hour reduces the risk of major depression by 26%.

HelpGuide; Lawrence Robinson, Jeanne Segal, Melinda Smith

Calming tension relieves symptoms of anxiety and stress especially, and can calm overwhelming feelings through exercise as it provides a distraction that requires direct focus from the mind.

Keep in mind that exercise and physical activity are smaller ways to help reduce, not erase,  symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Other benefits

Confidence: knowing that you’re putting in the work towards a healthier body and mind will improve your confidence. You will begin to feel happy with your effort and dedication to living better in addition to achieving changes in your physical appearance.

Sleeping: Exercising your muscles, even with basic physical activity, can improve your sleep as your body will be as tired as your mind. Think about it this way, our minds are always tired at night as we constantly exercise it throughout the day. Now, exercising will have a similar result following physical activity and exercise. Tiring out both your body and mind will allow you to fully recharge at night.

Motivation: Feeling more energized, confident and getting a better sleep will improve your motivation. Firstly, you’ll begin to enjoy your small workout time as it becomes part of your routine, motivating you to do better each time. Second, the confidence you find in nurturing your physical body in addition to your new-found energy will give you motivation to do better in other aspects of your life, including school. 

Exercise for academic success

There are many more benefits that can be found in exercise, but how can these three improve your academic success and performance?

Well firstly, confidence improvements will transfer into your academic life. You’ll find more faith in yourself to learn more effectively.

Secondly, sleeping is evidently useful as you’ll feel more awake for lectures and studying. Having a more awake and energetic brain at school speaks for itself. 

Lastly, motivation is a crucial foundation to anything in life. For school however, having a higher level of motivation will make it easier to begin studying and assignments as well as making it easier to go to, listen and understand topics in class. 

I know, these ideas seem like they are common sense, but sometimes we forget that our mind and body are strongly connected. Things that benefit your mind will benefit your body and vice versa.

How can Motify help?

Through our chatbot, you can set tasks to remind yourself to go for a ten minute walk or jog. Or even just some stretching exercises every morning. 

The Motify app is not designed to surround fitness, but it is designed to provide you with support in any way that will fuel your academic success and personal growth.

If you want to dedicate a few minutes to physical activity, we can support that not only by reminding you to do so, but also encouraging you to follow through.

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