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Motify’s Story

The Beginning

In August 2016, Shauna-Kay Jones began her entrepreneurial journey with Motify. The idea was brought about when she was helping her brother, who has autism, choose courses for post-secondary.

Shauna realized that her brother and students alike are not given sufficient tools and support during their academic transitions. 

The first idea for Motify was then developed: A virtiual assistant to support individuals on the autism spectrum in academic success and personal development. 

The Founding Team

Shauna and her original founding team consists of Chris-Beth Cowie, Benjamin Krissilas and Deveyesh Mistry. The founding team conducted original research for to viability of the virtual assistant tool.

Their discoveries concluded that students with and without exceptionalities need a success tool. All students need the support of transitional skill development to bridge the gap between academics and adulthood, and to connect them to resources when needed.

As a result of research, Motify began rebranding itself into an overall student success tool. 


To assist in rebranding and establishment, Motify brought on two additional team members this summer 2019, Jessica Yan and Emily Ponce. 

Where is Motify now?

Currently, the company is in software and application redevelopment into its integrative student success tool.

Our team is focusing on establishing an online presence while promoting Motify’s value to potential customers ranging from students, institutions, companies and even partnerships.

This Motify demo outlines our current general idea for grade and deliverable management on the student view. The video then outlines the Professor view of their students’ success with those being flagged if their GPA is at risk. 

Motify aims to support the academic journey of students while supporting their personal skill development to last throughout their lives.  

We are set to launch the application in September 2019, and we hope to see you there! In the meantime, connect with us through our social media at the top left of this page.

For further information, visit our Product page at

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