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Motify takes on OCE Discovery 2019

Representing leading-edge innovation, the OCE Discovery 2019 conference this past May was an amazing experience for the Motify team.

“With close to 3,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors, Discovery 2019 marked 14 years of Canada’s premier innovation showcase.”

– Raina Mendes, OCE Blog.

What is OCE Discovery?

The Ontario Centre of Excellence hosts a tech conference which is an exceptional networking event where women in tech as well as young entrepreneurs can make meaningful connections. The Discovery conference is an experience to meet with individuals and companies that can help connect them with resources to build their innovative ideas.

Exhibit displays are diversified from those of established companies, such as BMO, to start-up companies such as our very own Motify.

Motify’s Experience

Overall, the conference presented a great networking platform for the Motify team, and we definitely took advantage of this.

University faculty and Government officials provided amazing input for our idea, allowing us to walk out of OCE with new aspects to consider, to add and to improve Motify’s student success tool.




Seeing many companies from Toronto and other countries collaborate and network ideas with each other is an inspiring sight to see. It reminds us what we are working towards and why.  

We are the “future” of the economic innovation that is soon-coming, and it is crucial to promote that growth towards advanced technology to improve industries all around  the globe.

With massive cuts in economic development funding, the Motify team hopes that OCE will continue to support young women and youth in tech given the positive results being seen from this year’s Discovery event.

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