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Motify and Collision Conference 2019

What is Collision?

The Collision Tech Conference of May 2019 had an amazing, passionate atmosphere filled with so many individuals and companies with inspiration and drive.

“25,711 attendees from 125 countries are joining us at Collision. They’ll hear from 730 speakers across our 15 tracks, debating the most pressing issues in tech and the world today.”

Rob Babos, Collision Blog 2019.

A significant amount of exhibitors, speakers and companies make up the attendees at this year’s Collision. Countries of the most developed as well as growing economies in the world made their way to Toronto for the Conference.

Women in tech, investors, start-ups and international media of different cultures, economies and background created an incredible, welcoming environment for the Conference.

As for Motify …

We had an outstanding experience at Collision’s first Toronto conference. With such a fast-paced environment, we felt overwhelmed in the best way.

We took the opportunity to speak with individuals from diverse education and careers, each providing us with well-rounded feedback.

We were able to connect with those internal and external to our education and learning industries.

Seeing people’s faces light up with curiosity, happiness and understanding of Motify’s ideas during our one-to-one pitches was an empowering feeling for our team.

The Conference was extremely supportive and provided us with a unique experience of direct feedback and advice.

Shauna and Jillionaire

Motify’s founder, Shauna-Kay Jones had the opportunity to meet and talk to Christopher Leacock, also known as Jillionaire.

Jillionaire is a member of the well-known electronic music group, Major Lazer.



An abundance of technological issues and ideas were addressed by speakers and companies, opening minds to new and extremely innovative ideas to support this growth into advancement.

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