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Managing a student lifestyle through mindfulness

In a student life with a million tasks to do, places to be and things to remember, it’s easy to get caught up. This is where mindfulness comes in to benefit you. In the midst of work or school tasks, we forget that the most important thing is our mind and body. 

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a meditation technique used majorly to increase awareness of the present through calming, grounding exercises. 

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.”


Practicing mindfulness is an efficient way to reduce stress and anxiety. For example, the body scan can be done in 5 – 30 minutes depending on the depth of the exercise. This exercise internally explores your physical and emotional feelings. As a result, you will identify where discomfort is present. 

woman meditating to music

Benefits of mindfulness

Improved focus and productivity

Practicing mindfulness on a regular basis can improve your productivity in work and school. Awareness of the present, where you are and what you’re doing can promote motivation to complete tasks. Distractions will also become less existent as you train your mind to focus on the present.

Man looking at tasks to do

For example, tuning out other voices and/or noises is helpful. Sometimes when we’re distracted, we don’t know why or what needs to be changed. Mindfulness will train you to focus in any environment. Your ability to focus is improved, and as a result, productivity is increased.

Improved self awareness

To be fully present, mindfulness will focus on improving awareness of your surroundings and yourself. For example, the body scan exercise previously mentioned is being aware of what you feel, physically, mentally and emotionally. As a result, you will exercise your ability to see your discomfort.

Sometimes, it’s difficult for us to understand where we feel discomfort, therefore we can’t fix it. Recognizing where we are uncomfortable is the first step. In addition to highlighting negative feelings, mindfulness will also help you understand how to address it. 

Woman making a realization to self awareness

Mindfulness also promotes self-reflection and recognition. These are two aspects critical to learning & personal growth. Through reflection, you can change negative habits, understand your mental & emotional process, and see where improvements can be made. 

Compassion towards others

Developing meaningful relationships with others is a good aspect in work and school. Practicing mindfulness will improve your ability to do so. Having these relationships with the ability to socialize can reduce stress in work and school environments by having others to relate to. 

Those who are emotionally detached from themselves may struggle with understanding the feelings & thoughts of others. Mindfulness can exercise emotional intelligence from within. Empathy is a key to creating deep relationships, and being in-tune with your emotions will help you connect with others. 

Woman showing others compassion and care

Improved mental health

Being mindful can improve internal aspects such as confidence, self image and fulfillment. Confidence is improved through understanding yourself. This will improve your overall self-image through a stronger mind-body connection. As a result, you will feel higher fulfillment and wellness. 

As a whole, your mental health will improve through emotional resilience, self-awareness and a higher capacity to handle stress. 

Improve academic success 

For all the benefits listed above, it is clear that many of them are elements for academic success. If each of these are strengthened, it is reasonable that this practice can improve your academic success. 

educated girl reading books

For example, higher productivity results in tasks getting done with less distractions and the desire to complete them. Also, better mental health improves your motivation to be productive. This creates a cycle of positive perspectives, and as your self-image improves, carrying out responsibilities will become less of a chore. 

Mindfulness helps you find balance. You will recognize when you need breaks, time to relax or meditate. Finding balance is a key to performing at your highest level. For example, pushing yourself to limits can be productive to an extent. Knowing when to take breaks is crucial for your well-being. Mindfulness will help you define this line.

Mindfulness allows you to bring joy into life where it wasn’t present before. It offers an overall increase in your well-being, allowing you to find happiness in your regular routine.   

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