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Course selection for time and grade management

Work, personal time, friends, relationships and family. These are just some priorities in addition to school and the assignments, exams and classes that come with it. You’re busy with your life and your courses and grades aren’t your only responsibility.

As a current college student, I understand this. Making time to study is one thing, but being able to focus and study effectively is another story. School is definitely the most time consuming and exhausting, taking away from other priorities.

Before you continue this read, refer to our other blog posts about time management and study/learning habits for a better understanding of this post.

Awareness → academic success

We’ve already learned how time management and study habits tie into self awareness. The question still stands: how do you translate this awareness into academic success?

You have a basic understanding of your time management skills, including your daily routine habits and your allocated time to different priorities. Remember, becoming aware of these aspects will allow you to dedicate the time you need to where you need it.

You’re also aware of your study habits including your favorite (and most effective) study methods, environments, and individual learning abilities, such as information retainment.

If this is the case, you should possess a basic understanding of how to start studying and generally how much time you need to allocate towards studying.

Of course this varies between individuals AND courses you take, so don’t compare to others where it is unique to you.

Course selection and time management

With an understanding of the above, let’s talk about an upcoming event for ALL students: course selection.

When choosing courses, its crucial to consider what you’ve learned in your time management and study habits.

For example, if your internal body clock wakes you up at 7am everyday, you might be inclined to take 8am classes to get them over with, to start your day early, etc. 

Consider this:

After reflecting on your learning ability and study habits, do you believe that you can retain information and focus at 8am lectures? If not, then this is not productive.  

There is where time management skills come in. If you know you cannot focus/retain in the early morning but you’re awake by 7am either way, what can you do to make a productive morning?

For example, you could choose 12pm classes and have 5 hours every morning to address other tasks. These could be self-care, spending time with friends/family, working out, etc. (do you see how the factors from our previous posts are tying together?)

Keep in mind

Every day won’t run this smoothly. However, having this foundation for a productive routine will give you time to allocate where you need to while accommodating the way YOU operate at your best.

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