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Collecting feedback to create an environment for growth

There are many reasons why collecting feedback is important, which apply to employee or customer feedback. The way that data is collected will impact response rates. 

Customer feedback

There are many reasons for collecting customer feedback. Main ones are:

  • Improving customer experience
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase brand loyalty by showing care for customers
  • Create a better customer experience by utilizing feedback
  • Guide business decisions

As a company, valuing customer opinion, feelings and suggestions is a basis for brand loyalty and differentiation. Feedback then guides business decisions and creates a better customer experience. As a result, satisfaction and brand loyalty/recognition is improved. 

Institutions and Students

Students are the customers of institutions, and Motify is formed around academic success. Student feedback on courses, professors and school resources is important for institutions that want to support their students.

Feedback can provide schools with insight towards satisfaction with resources, academic success and mental wellness of their student community.

Employers and Employees

As workforce priorities turn to employee satisfaction, wellness and loyalty, companies must understand employee needs. 

Employee replacement costs are approximately 30% of their salaries, and employee turnover rates are at 16%. As a result, employers must focus on employee retainment and engagement to reduce and potentially avoid these high costs.

Asking employees for suggestions is great for both parties. Employers can identify sources of tension, low productivity and stressing issues in the company. Companies can then make changes based on the feedback to create a better relationship with their workforce. 

On the other hand, employees feel needed. With their suggestions taken into action, they will feel motivated and valued. As a result, employee loyalty and satisfaction is improved and turnover and costs are reduced. 

How can Motify help?

Motify Surveys collect valuable data on audiences in the form of a survey. 

With large volumes of customers and employees, companies must gather data to make modifications that satisfy the majority. 

Motify surveys are standardized for companies & institutions to provide an idea of questions to ask. Questions could include:

Who responded? Generate a summary of what individuals responded to your survey. For example, companies may ask this to reveal the roles of the respondents (manager, director).

Feelings of respondents? How are your customers/employees feeling?

Likes and dislikes? Institutions could ask this to reveal what resources are favorited throughout campus or where improvement is needed.

Reason for attending/staying? Event and conference hosts may ask this to reveal why people attend (general interest, funding, looking to connect with entrepreneurs), and continue to attend each year. 

Companies and institutions can tailor Motify Surveys based on data they wish to collect, in addition to the standard questions. 

For employers …

Internal surveys (to employees) receive better response rates than external surveys (customer surveys). Employee surveys usually generate response rates of 30-40% on average in comparison to a 10-15% response rate for customer surveys.

For institutions ....

Motify Surveys provide schools with a new method of data collection. This data is needed to improve resources and address reasons of academic decline.

Schools can receive specific data displayed in a simple way to clarifies and group exactly what students are looking for. As a result, campuses can cater to those needs, improving the student experience alongside wellness and academic performance.

For event hosting companies …

Conferences and events unite the business and entrepreneurship community. As a result, conference hosts and venue companies must evaluate their events each year. The data collected will ensure continuous opportunities to host as well as long-term attendees. 

Below is an example of a Motify survey that was developed for Sheridan College’s EDGE program. The Amplifund event gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their companies for a chance to win funding and other prizes.

This question (specifically) asked respondents why they were attending the event. This gave Motify an idea of the individuals we were networking with, as well as giving Amplifund insight towards their attendees.

To view our full Amplifund powerpoint, feel free to reach out to Motify at

Motify's Results

With Motify surveys, institutions, employers and conference hosts will gain benefits in terms of the data collected and its usability.

Benefits include 

  1. Higher response rates – in-person surveying with a simple, fast question model
  2. Improve brand loyalty (from customers, employees and attendees)
  3. Higher accuracy for customer and employee needs 
  4. Improve brand recognition and reputation
  5. Improve brand loyalty (from customers, employees and attendees)

If you’re interested in learning more about how Motify can provide your company with more effective data collection methods, click the following links according to your role:

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