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Challenges faced in transitioning from education into employment

Challenges for students

Finding a job after years and years of school is difficult. Most students’ experience in employment is minimum wage jobs (food or retail). Employers hire those with relevant experience. As a result, recent graduates and co-op students do not get hired in their field.

A majority of employers (64.5%) indicate a preference to hire those with experience. How can we expect recent graduates to get jobs and begin their lives?

As a result, the gap between graduation and employment is, on average, 7.4 months

7.4 months is spent on job searching after graduating. This means little to no income for more than half a year. Graduates will then struggle to support themselves and pay off debt.

“Based on a salary of $4,000 a month, the average college graduate loses $29,600”

Mark Huffman, Consumer Affairs (2018)

Challenges for employers

Employee turnover rates are (on average) 16%. This seems low, right? However, company costs to replace an employee is approximately 30% of that employee’s salary. 

Employers hire those with relevant experience to avoid employee turnover. However, the future leaders of our work-forces also need to gain experience somewhere. 

If graduates aren’t hired, they cannot gain the experience that employers are looking for. This results in long-term unemployment and job searching. 

"With the cost of job replacement at approximately 30% of an employee’s salary, it’s no wonder more companies are kicking the tires first with young grads"

Jill Tipograph, Forbes (2018)

Common problems

Employers have difficulty finding employees that fit positions for long-term employment. As a result, they hire individuals with experience to avoid turnover and re-training. 

Employers also believe that graduates are not taught workplace skills in post-secondary. Similarly, students feel they aren’t taught workforce skills in post-secondary to maintain a career. So, entry-level individuals do not possess skills required to thrive in employment. 

As a result, students and graduates do not get hired by employers. Low employment rates among graduates result while companies continue to hire those with experience.

Graduates and students search for jobs to begin their careers and paying off debt. In contrast, employers look for relevant experience, professional skills and knowledge in candidates.

The obvious issue is that individuals with experience are likely older and already-graduated. New graduates that need a starting point for their careers are overlooked and left without jobs.

How can Motify help?

Motify bridges the gap between students, graduates and employers. We simplify the networking and connecting process while students are still in school. Students and employers are matched based on matched preferences to result in “best-fits” for both parties. This erases time taken in job searching by setting up potential employment prior to graduation. 

We work with companies who want students, co-ops and graduates. Those who are willing to be trained and develop professional skills are matched to companies based on mutual interests.

Companies who want entry-level individuals are matched with capable graduates and/or students. 

Employers and companies are benefited through Motify network. Their company profile reflects their culture, image and metrics on which they prefer potential employees to possess. 

Employers choose preferences for candidates such as GPA, field of study, education progress (Co-op, graduate) and skills. These are then matched to individuals in the network that possess those qualifications and interest in employment. 

Employers then avoid entry-level employee turnover as preferences and metrics are matched PRIOR to the hiring process. This results in immediate mutuality of interests upon connection and contact.

Networking and Mentorships

Motify also offers its network to connect students to professional mentors. This connection is crucial as employers & students feel that workplace skills are not taught properly in school. 

Connecting students to mentors can improve learning and preparation for professional work. Mentorship programs are especially useful to improve social, professional, and general skills before entering work. 

Motify allows company employees to build their individual profile to reflect their mentorship qualifications. These individuals will then be connected to students and/or graduates that are seeking mentorship. 

Interested in learning more?

Motify is looking for students, institutions, employers and mentors to register for our demo version. We want to provide students with the best functional student success tool in the market, so your feedback is needed!

If you’re interested in learning more about how Motify benefits these groups, please follow these links according to your role:

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