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Briefing student success: What’s your definition?

It’s the beginning of the Fall semester, and whether you’re excited to return or not, we all have to endure this school year. That means balancing jobs, personal wellness and health, academic success and social lives. 

Every new school semester is a chance to improve on your work ethic habits right? So let’s take advantage of this year to exercise healthier, effective habits that will be carried into our careers. 

What is student success?

This is a term/phrase that can be modified according to each individual. Your success may be something different than mine. For the sake of this post and our readers, the general definition can be described as: A favorable or desirable student outcome

What's your definition?

You can define your own success in terms of what fulfills you. For example, my own success is measured in my mental wellbeing, physical health as well as my GPA performance. 

Think about what you define as your own “student success”, what are the elements of your success? How do you balance, support and strengthen each of them?


Time for self reflection. To learn more about this before you continue, read our self-reflection blog post to see its importance as well as how Motify can help. Think back to last year in terms of your academic performance and health.

What could you have done to make things easier for yourself, more productive and time manageable?

How can you change your habits compared to last year to improve? If you have already improved since last year, how did you achieve these goals and change?

Now, think of your elements of student success. How do those tie in together? For example, personal health increases achievement while corresponding to educational success

If these are elements in YOUR academic success, think about how you will balance and support each of these throughout your semester. 

How can Motify help?

For those who aren’t sure what we do at Motify, we exist to support students in what they define as “success”. Motify integrates with institutions, students and companies to support a healthy academic journey and transition into employment.

Motify is a student success tool that provides a structured approach in managing goals and supporting personal growth. With your elements of student success, Motify can support you. We support academics through our grades network where students can track their GPAs, courses and deliverables. We also provide ways to interact with your school’s resources, such as tutoring. 

Interested in learning more?

Check out the previously mentioned blog post to learn more about our grades network and how Motify helps you manage this semester’s courses (scroll to bottom).

Motify is currently looking for students, institutions, employers and mentors to register for the demo version of the application. The team wants to provide students with the best functional student success tool in the market, so your feedback is NEEDED!

If you’re interested in learning more about the app and how it can benefit these groups of individuals, please follow these links according to your role:

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