An integrative student tool designed with in mind.

Why Motify?

Motify exists to support students in what they define as “success”. As awareness for mental wellness, accessibility for learning disabilities and education costs rise, it is important to identify at-risk students and direct them to necessary resources and support.

Motify is a student success tool that provides a structured approach in managing goals and supporting personal growth. Motify integrates with institutions and their student community while maintaining the key metrics necessary for the academic and professional journey of each individual.

Tell us about yourself


Are you in high school or post-secondary school?


Do you work in an educational institution?



Are you a company looking to support students?


Are you a professional in government or business?



Allow institutions to oversee the performance of their student community with the ability to identify struggling individuals to provide necessary support and resources.


Integrate institutions with students to promote overall wellbeing and increase the use of on-campus resources
through accessibility.


Cultivate success by
providing students with a structured approach to manage personal, academic and professional tasks and goals.